Data sources

Space Missions


Ulysses LogoThe Ulysses scientific investigations encompass studies of the heliospheric magnetic field, heliospheric radio and plasma waves, the solar wind plasma including its minor heavy ion constituents, solar and interplanetary energetic particles, galactic cosmic rays and the anomalous cosmic ray component.

The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB, Brussels, Belgium) is involved in this interdisciplinary study project together with The Lockheed Martin Space Physics Laboratory, Palo Alto (California, USA). The goal of this project is to look at plasma discontinuities in the solar wind at various heliographic latitudes, and to understand their internal structure and dynamics.



Cluster2 LogoCluster is currently investigating the Earth's magnetic environment and its interaction with the solar wind in three dimensions. Science output from Cluster greatly advances our knowledge of space plasma physics, space weather and the Sun-Earth connection and has been key in improving the modeling of the magnetosphere and understanding its various physical processes.


Ground based data sources

BRAMS (Belgian RAdio Meteor Stations)

BRAMS Antenna HumainBRAMS is a set of radio receiving stations using forward scattering techniques to study the meteoroid population.

The project is coordinated by the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB), in the frame of the Solar-terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE).



Data bases

SEVEM - Survey of ELF and VLF Experiments in the Magnetosphere

The SEVEM database system provides a user-friendly access to information about all the missions/satellites in the terrestrial magnetosphere, which have been equipped with radio antennae and/or fluxgate magnetometers.


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